Who’s Using DailyEndorphin?

Companies, Health Professionals, Families & Friends

Starting a fitness challenge for your company, your community & friends, or your clients has never been so easy…or felt so good. DailyEndorphin adds muscle to your muscle by collecting data, tracking your progress, and reporting on results and rankings. » Read Their Reviews


Considering a wellness initiative for your employees and looking to complement your employee wellness programs? You’ve heard studies showcasing improved productivity, increased morale and lower healthcare costs. Sounds great, right? So what should you do first? Stop providing donuts might be a good first step. Of course, you just can’t take stuff away. You need to provide incentives and friendly competition, like a wellness challenge to motivate people. But you don’t have time to research, view demos, negotiate prices, re-negotiate prices, learn a complex system, administer challenges, and roll them out to all your employees … and some companies charge tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. You can’t afford to throw money at something and hope for the best. That’s why DailyEndorphin offers a simple and effective solution. Using our quick start wizard, you can set up an online fitness challenge in less than 10 minutes, explore it and launch it with the click of a button, and you pay the lowest price on the market, guaranteed. No startup fees, big quotes or unexpected surprises. We’ve enabled hundreds of clients to create a stronger, healthier workforce. We look forward to doing the same for you. So, the next time you see a donut floating around the office, consider how you might improve your company culture with a DailyEndorphin wellness initiative. Set up your group health challenge, for FREE, today.