Exercise Challenge

Engage your co-workers and peers in an interactive fitness competition

Easily set up a highly flexible exercise challenge for your organization in a matter of minutes. Then watch you and your colleagues develop new exercise habits and give your workplace morale a boost.  As the most affordable and configurable corporate wellness challenge platform, DailyEndorphin challenges are the perfect complement to any corporate wellness program.

Configure Your Challenge to Fit your Needs!


  • Select minutes, points or distance as the metric
  • Choose a competition or goal format
  • Pick your start date and any duration in number of weeks
  • Set participation as teams or individuals
  • Add optional description, rules, incentives


  • Organize into sports-league style conferences & divisions
  • Export key challenge data to Excel
  • Set daily caps for leaderboard tallies for handicapping

This is an example of an exercise challenge leaderboard.  Based on selected features and configurations your leaderboard may look slightly different.


Build Your Challenge

Click the button below launch our highly intuitive challenge creation wizard, then configure your challenge in minutes! 

Invite Participants

Once built, DailyEndorphin will generate an invitation link that you will forward to all eligible participants.  The link will guide participants through creating an account and joining the challenge (and team if applicable).

Have a Blast!

DailyEndorphin challenges practically run themselves … but as the challenge administrator you have the ability to continually encourage and promote by messaging participants and editing challenge details.