Wellness Program Management


Easily disseminate DE’s 5-minute health survey & report on aggregate results.  Set your programming accordingly while integrating DE wellness challenges into your overall corporate wellness programs

 DE’s flexible wellness “events” and goal setting tool allows easily scheduling, tracking and reporting on key wellness programming at budget-friendly prices

 You know your “group” and its needs best, so YOU set each event the way you like it whether it’s one-time or recurring throughout the year, and weighted by different DE “credit” #’s for each event

 Continual access to reporting on participation levels in your corporate wellness programs

Wellness Program Scheduler

Schedule wellness events, initiatives, seminars & DE Challenges. Indicate recurring events, multiple locations, and type of attendance approval, then set the amount of credit received.

Health Survey

Easily disseminate DE’s 5-minute health survey, report on aggregate results and set your programming accordingly

Unlimited Wellness Challenges

Enhance your wellness program with DailyEndorphin Challenges where credit toward the overall wellness program is earned through challenge participation.

Biometric Data Aggregator

A report of your organization’s average biometric data is available once at least 10 users have entered their information

Simple Administration

Approve attendance (if applicable) for participation in your wellness events. Easily message participants from the administrator dashboard throughout the program.

Report on Results

During and at the conclusion create meaningful reports from the available data

easily configure & administer your wellness program

set up & customize

Easily build your program by scheduling wellness event(s), assigning # of “credits” to each of your choosing, and setting incentives. Include our 5-minute health survey, recurring events and any of DE’s challenges.

set goals

Once you’ve set up all of your program’s wellness “events”, set the overall “credits” goal that users need to reach in order to earn the incentive(s) you’ve set

report on results

Continually have access to view key reporting on program participation. Communicate results and incentive awards with participants.

user experience


Participants copy and paste the invitation link sent from the admin(s) into your browser, create a user account, and view scheduled program offerings in your user dashboard


From your personal dashboard take DE’s 5-minute health survey, continually view and attend scheduled wellness program events, and participate in DE’s wellness challenges set up by your admin


Log participation in key wellness events and challenges, and track personal progress towards the different goals and/or incentives set by your admin 




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DailyEndorphin can also customize any of its offerings  to fit your organization’s needs, including additional reporting.  Please inquire for more information at support@dailyendorphin.com.