The Basics

What is DailyEndorphin?

DailyEndorphin is a simple and highly configurable wellness challenge platform.  We offer challenges for teams and individuals based on competitive metrics or goal-setting.  We enable people to live healthier, happier lives in the context of supportive social networks.  We do so through fun activities based on exercise, nutrition and wellness. For a description of our challenges, visit our challenges page. If you have more detailed questions about our program, please visit our User FAQ page.

What types of groups can use DailyEndorphin?

Any group ready to improve their health and well-being can use DailyEndorphin. Hundreds of companies and organizations across the country have done so, including corporations, government entities, insurance payers and brokers, hospitals, churches, schools, clinics, media organizations, families, friends, and many more. Or just use DailyEndorphin on your own – DE is always FREE to use as a personal fitness and wellness tracker.

How much does it cost?

Our pricing is the most competitive on the market.  You and your challenge mates can start one of our challenges for as low as $3 per user (or 75 cents per user per week).  Our annual membership is an even better bargain.  Unlike our competitors, we charge no setup fees or minimum user requirements.  We also do not base our pricing off of your organization’s headcount, so you only pay for the number actual filled user “seats”. And you won’t find any other surprises, other than elated healthy people who thank you for leading the movement.  See the pricing and features page for more details.

Does DailyEndorphin offer discounts?

If your annual group membership will exceed 1,000 registered participants, we may extend a discount depending on your needs.  Contact us and a DailyEndorphin representative will respond within 24 hours.

Does DE offer program customizations such as company logos & branding, custom reports, and special challenges, and what are the costs?

We do offer the ability to further customize our highly configurable platform.  Pricing for Premium Add-Ons, including customizations, including logos & branding, can be found at our pricing and features page.  Packages for full white-labeling of our program begin at just $995.  Contact us and a DailyEndorphin representative will respond within 24 hours.


What is required to create an account?

You can create your free DailyEndorphin account with an email and a password.  You may provide additional information, such as height, weight, gender, etc. to further the platform’s ability to monitor and track your progress.

Can others see my weight and personal information?

DE is fully compliant with HIPAA rules & regulations.  This means that all of your personal information is secure and cannot be viewed by anyone else.  However, when you choose to participate in a challenge, others may see the metric measured in the challenge (such as minutes exercised).  For weight related challenges, no one will see your actual weight, but they may see percentage weight loss or pounds of weight loss.

How do I join a group and challenge?

When your group administrator sets up a group or challenge they will email you an invitation link.  You may enter the group or challenge only through this specific link.

Does DE sync up with popular fitness devices and apps?

At no additional charge to our paid membership pricing, DE currently syncs up with a comprehensive list of fitness devices and mobile apps on the daily steps metric when running a DE steps challenge or lifestyle challenge where steps are included in it by your challenge group admin. The list currently includes FitbitGarminJawboneMisfitWithingsMoves (FREE mobile app), and Argus (FREE mobile app). As of March 2017, DE now syncs up with Apple HealthKit, Apple Watch, and Google Fit as well. Please go to our Fitness Device challenges page for more information on this offering. Sometime in the future, we will be launching a feature that will allow our paid members to sync up with other popular devices and mobile apps, as well as other DE challenges (e.g. active minutes, weight loss, etc.). More details to come!

Can clients purchase fitness devices through DailyEndorphin?

Groups on paid DE memberships may now purchase any Fitbit device through us. Contact us at for more details. Some purchase minimums may apply.

Does DailyEndorphin offer a mobile app?

Yes, DailyEndorphin offers both the Android and iOS mobile app as a FREE value-add to our service.  Currently, users may log and track key personal and challenge leaderboard data via the app.  Eventually, users will be able to start and join challenges as well as other fun, interactive feature with future releases.


How do I start and administer a group and challenge?

We’ve made it extremely easy for anyone to start and administer a challenge.  In less than ten minutes you can create a free account, click the “Create a Group and Start a Challenge” button from your dashboard, and jump right in.

When do I need to pay for my group & challenge?

You only need to pay for a paid challenge or annual membership within 1 week of your initial challenge start date. You may first set up your group, allocate the number of user “seats” you think you’ll need, as well as your challenge, and invite participants to join, and then pay for your challenge once everything is off and running. Failure to pay within 1 week of your challenge start date will result in your challenge being hidden until payment is received.

How do I pay for my group and challenge?

Smaller groups (200 participants or less) must pay for your entire group upfront, which they may do from their group administration page via credit card.  Larger groups with totals exceeding $1,000 may elect to receive an invoice and/or pay via installments and/or check.

Do you charge per participant or for my whole company or organization population?

Unlike nearly all of our competitors, you purchase and pay for only the number of estimated participants for your group or challenge.  Once a user signs up for your challenge, their spot is filled and cannot be occupied by another user, even if they decide not to participate.  If you reach your initial estimation of participants you may continually purchase and pay for as many as you need.

*Please note you must pay for the number of participants you estimate at the beginning, NOT how many actually join.  So we encourage you to aim high but estimate low.  You may purchase more as needed.

Can I upgrade my challenge membership?

As you’ll see, we love flexibility.  So, yes, you may upgrade at any time from your group administration page.  Click on “Edit” (your group) next to the “General Information” area near the top of the page.  Select which annual option you’d like.  Click “Save”, and pay the remaining balance owed.  We even credit what you’ve already paid toward your upgraded membership.

How do I manage my group?

Group administrators will see a small orange “Admin” button located next to their group in the “My Groups & Challenges” area within their personal dashboard. By clicking that button, group administrators will be taken to the group administration page where we list all of the functionality and resources you need to easily manage everything, including editing your challenge, moving team members, communicating with your challenge mates, and other key administrative tasks.