Combine the power of DailyEndorphin wellness challenges with the convenience of your Fitbit by encouraging colleagues, friends and family to easily sync your device to your daily DailyEndorphin account. Participants may now enjoy a highly configurable team or individual-based “DIY” DE steps or points-based lifestyle challenge (the steps data point only right now) without having to remember to log any of your data and organizers can relax knowing that all data is verified.

We know that not everyone owns a Fitbit device … that’s ok. Set up your next challenge as an exclusive Fitbit-only challenge or keep it inclusive by allowing all users within your organization to participate both via automatic Fitbit syncing or manual logging from other devices, pedometers or apps.

Looking to purchase Fitbit devices on behalf of your group at discounted rates? Contact us at support@dailyendorphin.com for more info.

Company Wellness Challenges

Is your company looking for verifiable data in your corporate wellness program? Do you use wearable fitness trackers within your organization?

We’ve made tracking your company wellness program easier with automatic Fitbit integration. Challenge participants who wear any Fitbit device can now sync real-time with their DE user accounts. This makes both implementation and tracking your company’s wellness program simple and verifiable. It’s so easy to get started. The added functionality gives you the power of administrative control in our team exercise challenges as well as individual-based wellness challenges. Sync your steps activity tracker and improve your company’s wellness program. Encourage friends and colleagues to easily sync up your device’s data with your DailyEndorphin account. Incorporate a company walking challenge into your wellness program.

This is just the beginning. Sometime in late Q1 2016, we will be integrating with scores of other popular wearable fitness trackers and apps and DE challenges, including active minutes, distance, points, and stairs climbed.