Your Group’s Health

First and foremost, a DE fitness challenge helps you and your coworkers get healthy. It’s also a great opportunity for team-building activities and to kick off or spice up your company wellness program!


A Culture of Wellness 

Studies show that productivity increases with groups that are happier to be at work! A little friendly competition and goal-setting among colleagues helps foster a positive culture of wellness in the workplace.


Your Bottom Line

Healthier employees mean lower long-term healthcare costs for your company. By challenging your coworkers to a DE fitness or wellness challenge, you’re on the path to boosting your company’s bottom line!

Every superhero has a sidekick … You just found yours

DailyEndorphin powers a fun, effective, simple, AND affordable “DIY” (do-it-yourself) team challenge platform. We know the devastating effects of obesity and poor health on people all over the world today, and we intend to help companies do something about it. Spice up your company health & wellness educational campaigns by integrating them with any of our wellness challenge options.

How does it work?

Select a package that best fits your needs, and in just a few clicks register both yourself and your organization. Remember, creating a DailyEndorphin challenge is FREE! Payment is not due until the first week of your challenge – if you’re not satisfied, don’t pay! You may also take any of our challenges for a test drive for free for up to 4 weeks and 30 participants. No obligation or credit card required.

Choose one of DailyEndorphin’s highly engaging and effective fitness challenges to get started. Then enter some key information, like a cool challenge name, creative, meaningful incentives and a start date, and send out the invitation link. That’s it, you’re done! You’ll have the opportunity to customize your health challenge further if you like, or simply stick with DailyEndorhpin’s recommended settings for the maximum experience.

After accepting their invitation, users set up a personal DailyEndorphin account, and select which team to join or create their own (if the challenge has teams). From their personal dashboard, users log exercise, nutrition and wellness, view challenge standings, and update personal information. Please note that all user accounts are 100% confidential –our programs are 100% in compliance with HIPAA rules & regulations, meaning no individual information is available to anyone else except the information relevant to the specific challenge.

Participants log data from their personal dashboard and watch real-time their impact to the fitness challenge. Daily logging is recommended, but a convenient “week log” is also available for those choosing to log less frequently. For assorted challenge tips, program updates, and relevant health & wellness information & resources, please also visit our Daily Blog.

For larger companies (500+ participants), please contact us for a demo to find out more about our offering!