People Together

DE fitness challenges are an opportunity to bring your friends together for a fitness competition with friendly banter, or a great way to be a social leader and make new friends!


Big bang for your buck

DE’s wellness challenge programs are configurable, affordable and easy to set up. And the best part about these affordable challenges is their long-lasting impact on yourself and others!


An event that gives back

DE’s configurable community fitness & wellness programs are great for fundraisers and other community-wide events. A great way to give back to your community!


It’s Your Turn To Be The “Kick-In-The-Pants”

We assume you’re here because you care a lot about the people around you. Oftentimes many of us just need that little nudge from others to get back on the health & wellness track.

You may already know how a friendly competition motivates people. One recent study points out competition positively affects intrinsic motivation. And tapping into intrinsic motivation means real, lasting behavior change. So, good news, you can change the world. And what a great way to begin by helping those in closest to you – your friends, family, and community. Spice up your community health & wellness educational campaigns by integrating them with any of our challenges.

We’ve been doing this for a few years and want to use our expertise to help you. Take a look at a few of our fun fitness challenges, and then create a free account today to discover more.

For larger groups (500+ participants), please contact us for a demo to find out more about our offering!