Your offerings

DE fitness challenges are a great addition to your existing client wellness programs! Engage new clients and deepen relationships with existing ones.


Credibility & Culture 

Stand out from your competitors with a cost-effective, configurable wellness engagement program. Challenge your clients to get healthy, and lower their healthcare premiums over time!


Revenue, Your Bottom Line 

DE Fitness competitions not only help your clients improve their health, but make you more money as well. Start making more money as you save money for others!

Health Plans, Wellness Consultants, Employee Benefits & Insurance Brokerage Firms, Health Professionals

Looking for that extra program to round out your client wellness offering? Well, look no further. Group fitness challenge programs from Daily Endorphin are great for health & wellness professionals looking to expand their offerings to clients. By offering highly configurable online group fitness & wellness challenges from Daily Endorphin ranging from team-based exercise challenges to weight loss challenges to nutrition challenges, you’ll be able to complement and add value to your offerings, increase your revenue and your bottom line, as well as get new clients based on this great addition to their packages. Our online group challenge offerings are a progressive approach for you to better serve your clients and add to your own bottom line.

With our configurable, yet simple and easy to use program, you’ll be able to easily administer and promote a more comprehensive approach to health & wellness with your clients regardless of their geographic location. Spice up your client health & wellness educational campaigns by integrating them with any of our challenges! With the aid of smartly crafted incentives, a fun, flexible, super easy to administer online program, challenge your clients to be healthy. Build your client base and your credibility as a different kind of wellness professional: one that helps control health insurance premiums (or “bend the trend”) for your clients!

Our program is fully HIPAA-compliant, and specifically designed to partner with health plans, wellness consultants, employee benefits & insurance brokers, and health coaches all over the country. We will work closely with you on a flexible, configurable program that will only further enhance and deepen your client relationships. Please contact us for a demo to find out more about our offering!

To get more information about which challenge themes fit your clients’ wellness needs the best, visit our challenge platform page.