Affordable Wellness Challenges

Select The affordable Fitness challenges package that best fits your budget


Schedule and track your organization’s wellness events and initiatives for the year, including unlimited DailyEndorphin wellness challenges

up to $16/ user / calendar year

all One-Time Challenges DIY features, plus . . .

schedule wellness events & initiatives

allow events to be recurring

incorporate DE wellness challenges

assign credits and set overall credits goal

track user participation

$4 setup fee plus $1 for each remaining month

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fun, interactive and affordable wellness challenges designed to complement an existing wellness program or just as a stand alone initiative

$0.80/ user / week / challenge

all the trial features, plus . . .

min 4 weeks

unlimited users

concurrent challenges

full admin control & data exporting

device integration (steps only)

limited email support

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see how simple and easy it is to configure & run a wellness challenge that fits your organization’s needs . . . no strings attached


1 week

up to 10 users

5-minute setup

individual or team challenges

FREE phone app

intuitive dashboard

live challenge standings

user & admin manuals

Initial Consultation

Although DE is designed to be fully DIY, a 30-minute online demo/call can be scheduled to guide you through your initial challenge or annual program management setup for $99

Challenge Administration

Email “white glove” setup & communication support for non-device challenges ($495), device challenges ($995) and annual packages ($995) for the group administrator (not participants)

Additional Reports

Additional reporting starts at $295/report. Custom reporting packages quoted out for larger annual groups of >1,000 registered users.

Private White Label

For annual member groups, starting at $995, DailyEndorphin offers 3 levels of white labeling to fit your organization’s needs and budget. See our white label options and pricing for details.

Custom Features

DailyEndorphin can quote out custom development for any of the offerings to meet your needs starting at $250/hour of development

Single Sign On (SSO)

For organizations that prefer their members utilize existing sign-on credentials, DailyEndorphin can integrate SSO starting at $7995

Custom Enterprise

Customize a wellness solution for your organization that includes different features of your choosing. Contact DE to learn more about our enterprise packages starting at $10,000. DE is well positioned to truly partner with you on your evolving program needs!




how much does DE cost
does DE charge per participant or for my entire company or organization population
does DE offer discounts
does DE offer program customizations such as company logos & branding, custom reports, and special challenges, and what are the costs