Challenge your friends, not your finances

pricing table

Plan Cost

?Full up front payment for both the weekly and annual membership options is due via credit card from your challenge group admin page one week after the first challenge start date. If one week into the challenge you’re not satisfied, just don’t pay and DailyEndorphin will terminate the challenge without any hassle. Note: invoicing to pay via check may be requested when total amount due greater than $1,000. Larger groups and resellers of 1,000+ challenge participants should contact us at for custom pricing, features, and payment options

Maximum Participants

?Unlike our competitors, DE doesn’t require any budget-busting user minimums or set up fees to get going.  DE also does not base its pricing on your total company or organization headcount, meaning you only pay for the number of challenge user “seats” that you need.

# of Challenges

?When running multiple challenges, participants may choose which challenge(s) to join, or to join them all!

Smart Phone App

?Android and iOS (Apple) apps are FREE and available for download via Google Play or the App Store.

5 Minute Wizard Setup

?With just a few keystrokes and mouse clicks, enter basic information about your organization, choose from one of DailyEndorphin’s pre-populated challenges, set a start/end date, and you’re off and running! DailyEndorphin will then provide you with a challenge invitation link for you to forward along to challenge mates all on your own. With DE, you and your challenge mates are at the controls!

One-Click Dashboard/Log

?All participants will have their own personal DailyEndorphin dashboard, not viewable to anyone else. From the dashboard, users are one click away from logging exercise and wellness data, viewing challenge standings, and updating personal information.

Full Admin Control & Reporting

?DailyEndorphin offers automatic weekly team reports and a final challenge report viewable by all challenge participants.  Additional custom reports are available upon request.  Challenge administrators have a unique area within their dashboard to manage their organization & members, create & edit challenges, message their group, and even assign admin rights to others!

Custom Wellness Parameters

?Would you like to add your own custom wellness and/or nutrition parameters (and points levels) to your DE wellness challenge? Not a problem. Paid challenges are eligible to create additional parameters on your own during the challenge set up.

Conference & Divisions

?Similar to a professional sports league, DailyEndorphin challenges allow teams to be further organized into conferences and divisions, creating “mini-challenges” within the larger challenge. This is especially useful to organizations with natural divisions (e.g. departments) or physical constraints (e.g different building locations).

Wellness Program Management

?Schedule wellness events and initiatives for your entire organization including DailyEndorphin group challenges, then designate whether initiatives are required or optional, assign the number of credits for each, and track overall progress toward the program completion.

Biometric Tracking & Reporting

?When more than 10 users enter their biometric information, then the average of those specific parameters are viewable to the admin. Inputting personal biometric information is completely voluntary. NOTE:  DE is fully compliant with HIPAA rules & regulations, which means individual biometric data, including weight, is private and cannot be viewed at any time by others.  

Customer Support*

?The administrators of annual memberships will have access to DE customer support via email.  DE provides 100% support to all users for all technical-related issues.


Up to 4 weeks and 30 users is always free – no strings attached

FREE – up to 4 weeks



Engage your peers in a one-time interactive wellness initiative

$0.75/user/week (4 week min)
see premium add-ons below



Schedule unlimited events & DE challenges into your program for $0.23/week

Email support included


New Offering! DE Custom Enterprise Option We at DailyEndorphin know that many larger groups are looking for an option that includes access to even more bells & whistles. Introducing our new Custom Enterprise option, which can include any/all of the following bells & whistles, in addition to all of features listed in our annual membership above: (1) Custom-built DE challenges, (2) Program eligibility file uploads, wellness event/event participant file uploads, other key data file uploads, (3) One of our three private white label options included and/or discounted, (4) DE challenge communications/set up/admin/user support service, (5) Challenge admin self posting/disseminaton of related educational wellness content, (6) Custom user personal goal tools, (7) Additional and Custom Reporting, Reporting Exports, (8) Single Sign-On (SSO)/Integration w/other platforms, (9) Continual access to premium ongoing “high touch” challenge admin & user support, (10) Access to heavily discounted Fitbit device bulk orders (more than 100 devices per order), and more. Pricing for this offering starts at $10K and up. Contact us today at for a demo and quote based on your complete laundry list of needs!
Non-Technical *Customer Support – including Challenge Consultation, Setup, Administration & Challenge Member Support; Technical User Support $195 for one-time 60-minute DE Challenge Consultation & Set Up only; Full DE Set Up, Group Administration and/or ongoing Challenge Member Support starts at $495 for challenges that do NOT include device/app syncing (up to first 100 challenge participants). Same service starts at $995 (up to first 100 challenge participants) for those groups who require help from DE with setting up, administering, and delivering device/app-synced challenges start to finish. Includes full customer support for challenge participants. DE will do everything for you start to finish. Wellness Programs Module set up/administration/member support service starts at $995 (up to first 100 registered participants). Includes full customer support for challenge participants. DE will do everything for you start to finish. DE offers ongoing technical user support to all users on any site performance issues or bugs. Please report any site performance issues at our “Report An Issue” page located at the bottom of your user dashboard when logged in or via email at**Note that Larger groups & resellers (1,000 registered users+) should contact us at for custom pricing, features, and payment options. We are happy to get creative to work with your budgetary needs!
Private White Label (logos & custom branding) Starts at just $995. Check out our full private white label pricing. Inquire with us to get started today (see below for contact info)
Additional Reporting $295/report
Custom Reporting (built into the platform) Quoted separately
Custom Challenges & Platform Customizations Quoted out separately (at $150/hr programming rate)
Logo Upload (on challenge leaderboard page)  $250/logo
DE Reseller/Affiliate Program Contact us today at for more information!
New Offering! Single Sign-On (SSO) integration with other platforms  Quoted separately. Inquire today at!
New Offering! Fitness Device & Mobile App Integration Currently at no additional charge to our paid memberships above, users can now sync up your fitness device or mobile app with any of our steps challenges or lifestyle challenges that include the steps metric. The current list includes Fitbit, Garmin, Jawbone, Apple HealthKit & Watch, Google Fit, Misfit, Withings, Moves, and Azumio (Argus). Visit our Device/App challenges page for more details! If looking to purchase Fitbit devices on behalf of your group, please contact us for a quote at
 *PLEASE NOTE: Premium add-ons pricing are in addition to our main pricing in the above table. To inquire about our premium add-ons, please contact us today at  If you have more detailed questions about our program, visit our User FAQ page.