Custom group challenges & wellness programs

What’s a DailyEndorphin, you ask?

It’s a daily feeling of euphoria from a great workout. It’s also a simple solution to benefit your health, boost your morale, and bounce your productivity. DailyEndorphin’s highly affordable, flexible group wellness platform helps you convert wellness from a concept into a core competency. You can’t afford to just think about wellness anymore. It’s time to get in the game and bring others along with you for the ride!

Configurable, “DIY” Challenges

There are a lot of health and fitness apps and platforms out there today. What’s different about DailyEndorphin, you ask? With our simple, highly affordable, yet configurable platform, and diverse menu of challenges, anyone in your group can easily set up and run things. No need to wait for your HR, wellness departments, or anyone else to take the lead. Best of all is that at 75 cents per registered user per week, we are the most cost effective workplace wellness challenge platform on the market today. Still no user minimums or set up fees, so no group is too small or big for DE to handle.

With our highly configurable platform and diverse menu of challenges, YOU control the fitness & health parameters you wish to focus on, so that means anyone can begin an engaging, affordable, and FUN wellness challenge at any time in just a few minutes time. And for those with Fitbit devices, sync up to you DailyEndorphin account and participate in a DE Fitbit steps challenge without having to manually log data. Invite some colleagues, friends, and/or family and let the games begin at just 75 cents per registered user per week.

What are you waiting for? Go to watch a short demo at our tour page, or visit our wellness challenges page today and uncover the power of DailyEndorphin in just a few minutes time!

Configurable Wellness Program Builder

Managing an employer wellness program can be a time consuming and costly endeavor. Most programs out there today also force fit you into their inflexible, canned platforms. With DailyEndorphin’s intuitive, flexible wellness portal, you are at the controls and get to dictate which wellness events are important to your group and when you’d like to run them. Maybe the best part of all is you only pay for the number of participants who actually sign up for the program. With no set up fees or user minimums and just $12 per registered user per year (or $1 per registered user per month), we are easily the best value on the wellness platform market today. What are you waiting for? Go to our wellness program page today and uncover the power of DailyEndorphin in just a few minutes time!