DailyEndorphin Maintain Don’t Gain Administration Guide

Before Starting

… You’ll First Need to Determine

Verified or Self-Reported

Verified (recommended): as the admin you will designate a weight verifier, ideally outside your organization like a nurse. This individual(s) will witness and record each participant’s weight at the beginning and end of the challenge via a DailyEndorphin Weight Verifier Interface. DailyEndorphin does NOT provide weight verifiers but recommends you contact your health insurance broker if you do not have someone available.

Self-reported: participants record their own weight from their DailyEndorphin dashboard.

Individuals or Teams

Individual-Based: participants strive to maintain their weight within the target.

Team-Based: during the signup process participants assign themselves to a team (the admin sets the team min and max size) and the total team weight must be maintained within the target percentage (eg. if 800 lbs total weight and 1% target, then +/- 8lbs).  NOTE: everyone will still weigh individually and DailyEndorphin will compile the team results.

Weight Metric & Target

Choose whether the weight target will be reported in pounds or percentage and what the target will be (i.e. +/- 2 pounds or +/- 1%).

NOTE: team-based challenges can only be based on a percentage of the total team weight.

Optional Steps Goal

An optional individual steps goal can be added to the challenge to encourage daily activity. This is set to a total of 250,000 steps over the entire challenge, or roughly 5,000 steps per day. Participants will have the option to sync a steps device or manually log steps from their DailyEndorphin dashboard.

NOTE: there is an additional fee to add on the steps component.

* A weight verifier should NOT participate in the challenge.  Ideally this person (or persons) is outside your organization.  DailyEndorphin recommends contacting your health insurance provider, broker or consultant for assistance as they often provide nurses or other health professionals for on-site weigh-ins.

Challenge Setup & Administration

Remember Challenge Information can be edited at any time, not just during the setup

Provide Information

You will be prompted to provide a description of the challenge.  You can either accept the pre-populated content or edit to fit your organization’s needs.  Also, enter any incentives you plan to provide for those individuals or teams that achieve the weight maintenance target.

Schedule Weigh-Ins, Provide Scale

If you’re running a verified weight challenge then you’ll need to schedule weigh-ins.  This information can be edited at any time once you determine when and where the weigh-ins will occur.

Highly recommended: obtain a scale and a private location for participants to weigh themselves.

Identify Weighers

Weight verifiers are individuals you assign to witness and record participants’ weights at the scheduled weigh-ins.

Note: weight verifiers should NOT participate in the challenge and ideally are not a member of your group.

How Weight Verifiers Are Assigned & Log Weights

From your admin dashboard, click the weight verifier icon next to your active Maintain Don’t Gain challenge.  Then enter a valid cell phone number for each weight verifier.

Weight verifiers will receive a text message with login credentials.

At each weigh-in, the weight verifier will log into the Weight Entry Interface, from any internet accessible device.  This will produce a list of all eligible individuals.

The weight verifier clicks on the individual whose weight is to be recorded, witnesses the weight, and then enters the weight.  The DailyEndorphin password specific for that individual must then be entered by the participant to confirm the weight.

Ensure Challenge Runs Smoothly

Proper and Frequent Communications Make for a Successful Challenge

Send Out Invitations

At the conclusion of the setup process, DailyEndorphin provides a unique link and a PDF Flyer that you will email out to your organization.  When clicked, this link will guide participants through the process of joining the challenge.

Promote Participants Weigh-In

Participants will be prompted to weigh-in by DailyEndorphin . . . but remember, if anyone forgets to log their weight by the cutoff then they are not eligible for the overall weight maintenance goal.  So we encourage you to also reach out and remind everyone to get their weighs logged or attend the scheduled weigh-in.

Encourage Daily Activity

If this challenge incorporates steps, participants will be emailed weekly update.  However, we recommend you also nudge people along by offering lunch-hour group walks, entries to local events (i.e. Turkey Trot, New Year’s Resolution Run,), and other ways to encourage active lifestyle.


  • Schedule weigh-ins for the same time of day. Since our weight naturally fluctuates throughout the day it’s recommended to keep the weigh-in for the same time at the initial weigh-in and final weigh-in.
  • Confirm your scale is working properly prior to each weigh-in. This can be done with pre-weighing several heavy objects (i.e. boxes of books). Label the objects with their weight, re-weigh to confirm accuracy, and then set aside for the next weigh in.
  • Communicate upcoming weigh-ins several times in advance. DailyEndorphin will also send email reminders.