Maintain Don’t Gain 2019

Holiday Weight Maintenance & OPTIONAL Steps Challenge

Maintaining Weight Over the Holidays Is A Whole Lot Easier With the Right Tools!


Reach Your Goal by Incorporating An Interactive Steps Challenge with Helpful Nutrition and Exercise Activity Tips

Fully CONFIGURED and Ready to Go

INVITE Participants Today … Weigh-In by Thanksgiving

  • Option to utilize a third party to verify weights (recommended)
  • Weigh-in by Thanksgiving, weigh-out after New Year’s
  • Interactive steps challenge with device syncing to promote activity
  • Weekly emails with links to relevant exercise & nutrition resources
  • Set incentive for maintaining weight
  • Final report for admins to award goal achievers

How’s it work?

Simply select whether participants report their weight or a third party verifies and records the weight, schedule weigh-in dates (if applicable), and add any incentives you wish to provide.  We’ll then provide an invitation link for you to email to eligible participants.  Once started, participants are prompted to weigh-in and log steps (or link their steps device).  Weekly emails keep everyone engaged and provide relevant information/tips. Further suggestions on how to manage the challenge, coordinate weigh-ins and work with third party weight verifiers are outlined in the admin guide.




when and how do i need to pay
Is help with challenge set up offered
can others see my weight & personal health information
how are weights verified
How are results reported
Is the additional steps challenge component required

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