Burnham Benefits Insurance Services

“DailyEndorphin is a great vehicle to track activity for corporate wellness challenges. I like the concept of each wellness challenge, and being a part of a Conference and Team within your respective conference. The transparency of real-time results makes the challenges FUN. Also, the system is easy to use and I especially like tracking my activity from my mobile device. I highly recommend DailyEndorphin over other wellness programs we have used to support our clients’ corporate wellness initiatives and goals.” – Katie Jones, Account Manager, Irvine, CA

Larimer County, CO

“I used DailyEndorphin to design a campaign called Movin’ & Improvin’, which encouraged County employees to incorporate exercise, nutrition, sleep and more into their daily regimen for 8 weeks. Because of the flexibility of their program, I was able to design the campaign without having to “build” it, which enabled me to be efficient with my time and resources. I was very happy to find this affordable resource. I was even more excited and satisfied with the personal attention I received from the DailyEndorphin team. The employees were satisfied as well, evident by the numerous success stories shared afterwards and the 85% finishing rate!” – Liz DeJongh, Wellness Benefits Coordinator, Fort Collins, CO

Navy – US Stratcom

“DailyEndorphin’s user friendly interface and professionally crafted weekly updates made for an extremely fun yet competitive challenge. With over 930 active participants burning more than 22 million calories over the course of two months, the results speak for themselves! Thanks for a great challenge, DE. Extremely well-done!” – Walt Key, Fitness Leader, Omaha, NE

THRIVE! Partners

“Managing a wellness challenge with a diverse population across multiple business units located in different states was a huge obstacle until I discovered DailyEndorphin. The user interface is the simplest to understand and operate that I’ve seen. Our employees loved the competitive nature of the program. Plus, the live updates to team rankings provided instant feedback giving us the motivation to stay active and engaged. The fact that there is a nutrition and wellness component is just icing on the cake, I love this holistic approach. I also commend the DailyEndorphin team for assisting us with options along the way to customize our challenge for our unique circumstances. The program has become an integral part of our wellness efforts and our employees have seen dramatic results as a result. We will definitely continue to use DailyEndorphin as we continue to expand our offerings.” – Brantley Eaton, Program and Event Coordinator, Fort Collins, CO

Hennepin County Healthworks, Minnesota

“Hennepin County has offered monthly DailyEndorphin fitness challenges to help employees be active and healthy in their own ways, alongside some healthy workplace competition to keep them motivated to reach health goals. Nearly 600 participants have engaged thus far in the challenges with results ranging from weight loss, improved energy, and biometrics! Thank you Daily Endorphins for helping improve the health of Hennepin County.” – Meghan Rector, Health Coach – HealthWorks, Minneapolis, MN

St. Louis County, Minnesota

“DailyEndorphin has exceeded my expectations. They repeatedly provided timely yet high quality service to myself and the employees of St. Louis County. They clearly have a real passion for what they do.” – Tiffany Carlson, Health Promotions Coordinator, Duluth, MN

Bentley Systems

“I really enjoyed the site and the way it displays the trends of your daily activity, also thought it was great the way you are able to customize the activities you use most frequently. It was great for the challenges since it kept me and the rest of the office engaged in the activities and where we stood within our office and within the other offices participating. Great motivating tool! I still use the site even though the challenge is over and can’t wait for the next one!” – RP, Exton, PA

Ziegler Cat

“What we appreciated the most about DailyEndorphin was that the site was very easy to use and their entire staff was professional and very accommodating!” – Sue Rikke & Susan Mahowald, Bloomington, MN

Volk & Bell Benefits

“DailyEndorphin opened the door for us with seven new clients that we had not previously engaged with wellness programs.  The groups that received pedometers were so appreciative and upon delivery more employees requested to join!” – Heather Mills, Wellness Specialist, Fort Collins, CO

Volk & Bell Benefits

“DailyEndorphin is a fun and easy to use wellness program. Whether you already live an active lifestyle or you’re trying to set a few simple personal fitness goals, it promotes fun competition not only with teammates but other teams as well. The website is easy to use and the tracking of results makes it motivating to keep working hard!” – Ryan Volk, Sr. Benefits Consultant, Fort Collins, CO

Athletes Committed to Educating Students (ACES4Kids)

“DailyEndorphin is an effective, easy-to-use platform to not only record your exercise but to learn the benefits of physical fitness. It is also a fresh, fun way for groups and organizations to compete and cheer each other on as they strive to meet their specific activity & fundraising goals.” – Chad Caruthers, Executive Director, Minneapolis, MN

St. Louis County, Minnesota

“The DailyEndorphin is a very complete and helpful site. All bases are covered, including personal guidelines, exercise, healthy eating, and lifestyle.  I found it especially gratifying to see an immediate drop in BMI after logging a weight loss.  It encouraged me to lose several points.  I look and feel much better!” – Linda Gish, Duluth, MN

St. Louis County, Minnesota

“I wanted to thank you again for this challenge. When I quit smoking in December I really started to pack on some pounds, but this challenge really helped me feel motivated to get rid of it. The DailyEndorphin fitness dashboard is a really great tool. Seeing what I had been doing really made me feel proud. I’m down 15 pounds! I never thought I would get down this far. I have just a small way to go for my goal weight. It was nice to have something to focus on for the week that would help me reach my goal.” – Nicole Ranum, Duluth, MN

Hennepin County Healthworks, Minnesota

With the help of DailyEndorphin, I not only fulfilled my two requirements for reduced insurance costs next year, I also have lost 35 pounds since the beginning of the year! Kudos to the DailyEndorphin!.” – KD, Maple Grove, MN


I’ve lost 11 lbs with the help of the DailyEndorphin Fitness Challenges we’ve been doing. The website makes it really easy to keep track of what I’m doing and sort of gives a bit of an incentive because I get to fill something out once I have done an activity.” – Ariana Garber, San Francisco, CA

Healthy Team Community Challenge

I used DE for a month long, community-wide health challenge that I organized, and found the platform to be elegantly designed. It’s simple and intuitive yet robust enough to engage a broad range of participants. As an administrator, I was also very impressed by the tech support. They responded promptly to our questions and helped us get up to speed very quickly. We’ll definitely use Daily Endorphin again.” – Barry Bouthilette, Head Coach, Healthy Team Challenge