Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tufts Health Freedom Plan’s DailyEndorphin Online Wellness Challenge Tool?

DailyEndorphin is a free online tool for all Tufts Health Freedom Plan clients to start and manage online exercise and wellness challenges. Easily set up either a team-based or individual-based health or fitness challenge for all employees in less than ten minutes – you can include their family members too! Participants can earn points for themselves or for their team – you decide – it’s a fun and engaging way that gets your total population moving, feeling better, and living healthier!

Why Start a Tufts Health Freedom Plan DailyEndorphin Wellness Challenge?

It’s simple, flexible, effective and free! In less than 10 minutes, you can set up a custom health and fitness challenge for your employees. You have the control over what kind of challenge you want your employees to participate in – it’s a fun and engaging way to get moving, feel better, and live healthier!

Is There a Mobile App Available for this Program?

Yes, you and your colleagues may now download DailyEndorphin’s FREE Android or iOS app and easily log and track key personal & challenge leaderboard data on the go, quickly getting just the nudge you need when you need it to stay engaged throughout the challenge!

What Kinds of Wellness Challenges can I do Using Tufts Health Freedom Plan/DailyEndorphin?

EXERCISE: A minutes, points, or distance (meters, miles or yards) competition between groups or departments. Or, for those groups that are less competitive, set up a goal oriented challenge for everyone to motivate each other at achieving their own goals. The goal challenge option is completely customizable.

WEIGHT LOSS/MANAGEMENT: Participants compete to see which individuals and/or teams can lose the highest percentage of body weight.

STEPS (walking challenge): Individuals and/or teams take steps towards achieving their own distance goals. Set weekly point goals to keep everyone motivated!

WELLNESS: Individuals and/or teams focus on specific wellness behaviors. Reward successful participants for points earned by getting 7-9 hours of sleep, connecting with family, limited personal screen time and lots more.

POINTS & “HYBRID” LIFESTYLE: This is our most versatile and popular challenge! Participants earn points for completing both health and wellness behaviors like limiting alcohol, finding some “me time”, eating fruits and veggies or a balanced breakfast and lot more!

Which Nutrition and/or Wellness Challenge Parameters Can I Setup? How Many Daily Points are Assigned to Each Parameter?

You can choose as many parameters from the list as you’d like. Four points are assigned to each nutrition & wellness parameter. If you’d like to use different parameters, in most cases, we can add it for you. Just contact us at

The following are the current parameters for our wellness-themed (and hybrid) challenges:

– Between 7 and 9 hours of sleep (too little or too much sleep will have adverse health effects.)

– Felt well physically

– Found some time for me

– Practiced stress relief tactics (deep breathing, walking, meditation, etc.)

– Connect with family and friends

– Limited screen time (do not sit for more than an hour at a time … stood up, stretched, went for water.)

– Didn’t use tobacco products

– Limited alcohol (one for women, two for men)

The following are the current parameters for our nutrition-themed (and hybrid) challenges:

– Drank at least 9 cups of water (9 recommended for women and 13 for men)

– Ate 2 cups of fruit and 3 cups of veggies

– Did not eat processed foods

– Ate a balanced breakfast (whole grains, lean protein, and fruit)

– Limited alcohol (one for women, two for men)

– No refined sugar (avoided sugar in beverages and refined sugar in sweets)

*Note: If you don’t see a parameter listed here that you would like to use, in most cases, we
can add it for you. To inquire about adding your custom parameters, please contact us at

how Do I Set Up and Start a Tufts Health Freedom Plan DailyEndorphin Wellness Challenge?

We’ve made it extremely easy for anyone to quickly start and administer a challenge. In less than ten minutes you can set up a configurable wellness challenge for your employees by going to the challenges page. From that page, simply select from one of the challenges, then set up your THFP/DailyEndorphin user account, and follow the short steps to set up the challenge of your choice.

What Do I Offer For Challenge Incentives and How Do I Tie Incentives to the Reporting System?

Much of this is up to you but it is important to tie your challenge incentives to the reporting system on each challenge. This can include a combination of ongoing weekly individual & team standings incentives (e.g. exercise minutes or points, % weight loss, nutrition or wellness points, etc.), overall final individual & team standings incentives, and incentives based on individuals reaching one of the group goals, etc. Refer to the full group admin manual for tips on incentives.

How (& When) Are Challenges Reported?

The platform offers live real-time individual reports, a complete challenge (team & individual) leaderboard standings page, a weekly overall team report, and a final detailed challenge report once the challenge ends.

Do I Need to Set Up All the Teams Myself?

You can set up all of the teams in advance on your own, but you don’t have to. You can have individuals set up their own teams. All you have to do is click the “allow team captains to set up own teams” box when setting up your challenge.

How Do I Invite Others to Join the Challenge?

After setting up the challenge, get your employees excited and encourage them to sign up. Forward the challenge invitation URL (link) from your group admin page via email to the people you want to invite along with a brief summary about the challenge (see group admin manual or admin page for sample challenge invites). All they have to do is click on the URL and follow the quick steps to join the challenge and set up their teams (if doing a team-based challenge).

How Do I Revise the Parameters and/or Structure of My Challenge?

1. Login to your Tufts Health Freedom Plan DailyEndorphin user dashboard

2. Go to “My Challenges”

3. Click on the orange “admin” button

4. Customize your parameters or structure of your challenge

Note: You and other group admins can manage and/or revise most elements of your challenge at any time before or during the challenge.

*For more detailed information, please refer to your THFP DailyEndorphin group admin challenge manual in your group administrator page while logged into your account. You will have access to this page after you’ve set up your THFP DailyEndorphin “group”.

Crib Notes

Challenge weeks are defined as a full 7 days

Challenge Administrator:

– Define when each challenge starts and when enrollment ends to offer a grace period for those who join after the challenge officially begins

– Edit the challenge, assign group admin rights to additional group members, the group, and move team members

– Edit the structure of the conference and divisions feature at any time

Participants may join an existing team or create their own team and recruit others

Captains may choose and edit their team name

Challenge standings are hidden four days prior to the conclusion of the challenge to increase anticipation

Tech Talk

1. Be sure to have your client or company IT administrators enable access to Tufts Health Freedom Plan DailyEndorphin ( and all related URL’s), placing it on a list of trusted sites (called a “white list”) that is deployed to firewalls and company computers/browsers. If you don’t do this you may find that access to the site or and other features are blocked by your company browser settings or firewall settings.

2. For optimal site performance, it will be best for all users to be running the most up to date Internet browse.

DailyEndorphin “Speak” – Glossary of Terms

GROUP: your over-riding collective entity that can stay open & active for as long as you have an active DE group membership. This is often your company or organization name.

CHALLENGE: a finite period of time (has a start & end date) whereby you or someone else within your “group” starts a competition using DE

TEAM: a smaller entity consisting of other DE group members within a teams-based challenge and competes against other teams in the challenge. It could be you and your immediate colleagues, friends, and family.

CONFERENCE: a bigger entity consisting of “teams” within a DE group & challenge. Is often used to break down large challenges into smaller entities to facilitate the ability to offer incentives at multiple levels and keep everyone engaged throughout the challenge.

DIVISION: an entity within a conference consisting of “teams” within a DE group & challenge. Is often used as another way to break down VERY large groups and facilitate multiple incentives at different levels.

STAR ENDORPHER: the term for individual group & challenge participants. Is another way for groups to incentivize/reward at the individual level as well as group/challenge/conference/division/team levels. DE buckets exercises into 7 easy categories: top overall, cardio indoor, cardio outdoor, sports, strength training, walking & other. Star Endorphers are also tracked at the team level as well.

ENDORPHIN POINTS: DailyEndorphin uses a proprietary formula to calculate exercise based on each exercise, its intensity, and the duration. It does not account for bodyweight, so participants of differing weights can earn the same number of points for each exercise done at the same intensity and duration. Nutrition and wellness parameters offer 4 points per day per item for the Hybrid Challenge.

Get Started!!

To get started, click on the challenges page.

Simply select from one of the challenges listed on that page, then set up your Tufts Health Freedom Plan DailyEndorphin user account, and follow the short steps to set up the challenge of your choice.