Frequently Asked Questions

Basic Concepts

What is DailyEndorphin
What is a Dailyendorphin Challenge
What types of groups can use DailyEndorphin
Do users need to belong to a group
How much does DailyEndorphin cost
Does DE offer a mobile app
DailyEndorphin Speak (terminology & other key definitions

User Account & Dashboard

What is required to create an account
Can others see my weight and personal information
How do I change my password
How do I log data
Can I add or remove exercises in the logging area
How can I go back and enter data for past days
How do I clear and/or revise exercise, wellness and nutrition data
What does the data in my statistics area not correspond to the challenge I am participation

Fitness Device & Mobile App Syncing

How do I sync up my fitness device or mobile app with my account
Which fitness devices & mobile apps for DailyEndorphin sync up with
What types of device & app data does DailyEndorphin sync up with
What considerations should I make when setting up or joining a DailyEndorphin chellenge with integrated fitness devices and apps

Groups & Challenges

How do I join a group
How do I join a challenge
Who is my group administrator and how do I contact him/her
I successfully joined my group but I am not in the challenge
I joined the wrong team upon signing up for a challenge ... how do I switch
Am I required to exercise with my teammates
How many days back can data be logged toward a challenge
How can I change my team name
How long to challenge participants have to enter all remaining data before the challenge goes final

Groups Creation & Administration

How do I create a group
Do I need to pay for my group at the time I set it up
How to pay via check (request an invoice) vs. credit card
How do I manage my group
Can I reset passwords for my group members
Can I contact all my group members

Challenge Creation & Administration

How do I start a group challenge
Can I edit an existing challenge
Can I edit my group structure (team hierarchy)
Can group members join a challenge after it has started
Who in my group is permitted to start and administer a challenge
What is the optimal duration of a challenge
What kinds of incentives should I offer my group
Do I need to have an even number of participants on each team
What is the role of the team captain during a challenge
Can I add my own custom nutrition and wellness habits during a challenge
Can I hide any of the logging tabs or entries that do not apply for the challenge