DE’s intuitive, robust admin interface allows you and other group members to easily set up & manage your health challenges and programs on your schedule and budget


At DE’s group admin page, you will find all the help you need to run everything yourself, including key tools, manuals, tutorials and sample communications


DE’s group admin page allows you to set up, edit and manage things on your schedule and budget as you see fit. Easily communicate and disseminate key related content of your choosing with group members


DE’s solution will automatically run key reports throughout your wellness challenges and programs. Additional reporting is often available upon request

An Administrator Dashboard with Intuitive Tools

With DE’s intuitive, robust “group administrator” interface, you are at the controls.  At this page, you have the tools to easily set up and edit virtually anything in your wellness challenges and your programs on your schedule as you see fit.  Add & edit custom nutrition & wellness parameters to your challenges.  Disseminate & report on DE’s user health surveys.  Easily invite members to register at DE for your challenges and programs.  Assign administrator “rights” to as many group members as you see fit.  Remove inactive group members.

DE Group Admin Tab




How do I create a DE “group”

You can create a group from your personal user dashboard by clicking the small blue “Register My Organization” button in the upper right hand corner while logged in or right from our main site at the challenge menu page.

How do I set up a DE group challenge

If you are starting a challenge within an existing DE “group” you already administer, click the “Group Admin” tab next in your user dashboard. Select the challenge you wish to build from the middle of your admin page, and follow the short steps in the set up wizard to set everything up and invite participants. If you are starting a challenge for a group that has not yet been setup with DailyEndorphin, then click the blue “Register My Organization” button in the upper right hand corner of your user dashboard. DO NOT USE this button if you are looking to join an existing group & challenge set up by another person! You will need to join an existing DE challenge for the first time through a unique invite link that was likely distributed to everyone at some point. Follow up with your main DE group admin to procure that link.

Can I edit an existing challenge?

Yes. This is done from your group admin page while logged in. Be careful when editing a challenge after it has started, as this may negatively impact the current dynamic of that challenge.

What kinds of reports are included in each challenge

You may refer to your group admin manual in your group admin tab while logged in to view detailed information on each challenge, including reporting.

Can I edit the my group structure (team hierarchy)

Yes. You or anyone who has been assigned “admin rights” can edit your group structure (of teams) from the group structure management page, which is accessible from the group management page. In the group structure management area you can add or delete conferences, divisions and teams, or move existing divisions, teams or individuals by dragging-and-dropping to a new location. Take special care in moving teams and individuals between teams once the challenge has started as this may impact the integrity of the team standings.

How Many “Group Admins” can be assigned

You or other users who have “admin rights” may assign those same rights to anyone in your DE “group” at any time.

What is the optimal duration of a challenge

The optimal duration of a DE challenge depends on your group’s culture and needs, and the type of challenge. DailyEndorphin generally recommends 6 weeks for your first challenge, regardless of the type of challenge, and for all exercise challenges of at least moderate intensity. Challenges lasting up to 12 weeks or longer work well for exercise challenges of mild intensity (e.g. walking/steps challenge) or for weight management and nutrition challenges. But keep in mind that participants are most motivated in the early stages of the challenge – you would rather your challenge end a week or two too soon while the energy is high instead of going several weeks too long.

Do I need to pay for my group at the time I set it up

No. You can set up your group,invite people to join and even run your challenge for up to two weeks prior to paying. However full payment is due for the balance owed two weeks after your initial challenge start date.

What kinds of incentives should I offer my group

The incentives piece largely depends on your company culture, needs and overall goals. DE generally recommends: smaller weekly rewards, raffles, or other “carrots”, and a grand prize raffle at the end, gift cards, extra vacation days, reduced health premiums (Please consult an attorney and/or wellness consultant to ensure you are in compliance with state and federal laws.), sporting event or theater tickets, gym memberships, free lunch or dinner, or bragging rights around the office!