Wellness Program Management

Event Scheduler

With DailyEndorphin’s intuitive wellness portal, as a value-add at no additional cost to our annual membership, loading all your employer wellness initiatives into one simple location is a breeze. You determine whether the event is required or optional, how participation is confirmed and how many credits it’s worth. Then set the minimum required total credits needed to graduate, invite colleagues to join and you’re done!

corporate health portal
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Workplace Wellness Programs

Group Challenges

All wellness programs seek to improve health, but few succeed. Why? Biometric data, HRA scores, health fairs and wellness seminars are great places to start, but they simply educate at best. It’s time for action! DailyEndorphin’s fun and highly motivating group wellness challenges are not only a great way to increase morale, but they actually promote lifestyle and behavioral change through active participation in wellness goals or competitions over a multi-week period … with peer encouragement! And when participants sync up their Fitbit to a Fitbit Steps Challenge engagement boosts even further with verifiable data.

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Health Surveys, Biometric Data Uploads

Utilizing the expanded administrative options under our annual membership, group administrators have the ability to create, disseminate and report on key wellness challenge and program health surveys to participants, as well as upload wellness program participant biometric data and run aggregate reports to view group health data change over time. Admins may also upload other related program files to our platform, including eligibility files and wellness event registration/participation files.

Health Portal
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Wellness in the Workplace

User Friendly, Real-Time Status

Employees participate by selecting which events and challenges to join based on how many credits they need to earn to “graduate” from the overall program. Users simply confirm event attendance, while participation in DailyEndorphin group wellness challenges is determined automatically through user logging. Wellness event participation and challenge standings update instantly, highlighting progress toward the overall wellness program completion with our interactive graphing tools. Administrators can easily view all users’ status and approve event attendance if required with just one click of the button.

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